Welcome to the Family Program of the Kiloby Center for Recovery, Inc.



The Kiloby Center is the first substance abuse treatment center in the US to focus primarily on mindfulness, an emerging frontier in addiction treatment. We are now extending our services to include families, both to support the individual participating at the Kiloby Center, and as a learning experience for the family as a whole.  Everyone in the family is affected by addiction. Family members may also have difficult emotional or psychological issues. There may be addictions like shopping or internet overuse that are not commonly recognized as such. Because of this, it is important that every family member support recovery and learn how to not derail it.



We take a systemic approach which acknowledges the importance of every person in the family in the recovery process. Our program aims toEducate – about the effects of addiction

  • Educate – about the effects of addiction
  • Support – by sharing of common experiences
  • Challenge – by looking at family patterns
  • Change – by offering family members access to some of the practices used at the center


Together we inquire into beliefs and behaviors that might be supporting addiction. You will experience some of the same activities as your loved one, such as working with the mind and body to identify and release automatic patterns. We support your discovery process through individual private sessions, group guided practices, peer support, home study and online resources.


For one monthly fee you receive:

  • A bi-weekly online video conference group meeting
  • Two professionally facilitated Living Inquiry sessions
  • Free class participation for additional family members
  • A subscription to the Kiloby center online resources
  • Online access to Scott Kiloby’s Natural Rest for Addiction DVD


What you gain from this:

  • Insight into current family dynamics that support or sabotage addiction or recovery
  • Awareness of your own family’s inter-generational patterns
  • Knowledge of current research about addiction and the brain
  • Support from others working with similar issues
  • Personal growth from the Living Inquiries process

Private family therapy is available through our staff psychologist, Kay Vogt.

The Family Program is available to families who have a client participating or considering participating at the Kiloby Center.  The program is also available to any other families, regardless of whether a family member has or will be participating at the Center.  Group and individual sessions take place via Skype or other video forums.  You don’t have to be physically present at the Kiloby Center to take advantage of our program.  In some cases, the program is also available to friends and unmarried partners of those suffering from addiction.


Please call now to book your free, thirty minute consultation.


Phone:               442-666-8526

Email:                 info@kilobycenter.com 

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