The secrets of shame





By Lisa Meuser


Shame has a bad wrap, and it seems that one would rather acknowledge just about anything rather then admit they are experiencing a sense of shame. In my own journey and in working with clients I’m finding that shame is at the heart of suffering. It’s at the root of identified conditioning and trauma. It’s what fuels harsh self judgment, and what keeps things in a state of separation. It’s what gets in the way of love. And it’s what least wants to get felt and acknowledged.

Often shame about feeling shame arises! As if after some kind of awakening shame shouldn’t be here, or that there is a “doneness” with shame. Or, that shame is BAD. In my reality tunnel shame is just like any other thing that arises. It’s just another aspect of being human. it’s normal, and natural, and always evolving.

It’s the ultimate thing to feel- and it’s the key to freedom. It’s like jumping into death, and in that there is rebirth. Like anything, once it’s seen and felt it doesn’t stay. In my own experience I see and feel it pretty fast now, and in that recogniztion and willingness to dive into it, it doesn’t stay for long. A beautiful alchemy takes place.

Turn toward shame, not away from it.  It’s here here to set you free! You don’t have to do it alone- there are resources and people ready to support you. Please contact me with questions or for resource suggestions.

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