Here are a few testimonials from those who have already benefited from Natural Rest for Addiction.



This is a truly wonderful book, and it’s likely to reach people who have never before been reached by this kind of work. May you discover the rest that you have always longed for—the rest that you already are.  

[READ THE FULL FOREWORD]~ Jeff Foster (author and national speaker) 

I am grateful to have been to the Kiloby Center.  These practices are on the cutting edge of working with addiction (and other issues) because they so deeply address the root of the problem. Highly recommended!!!  ~ Kirsten Gregg

Scott didn’t supply me with a one-time experience. He supplied me with a tool that can be instantly used as soon as compulsion shows up. This might be the closest thing to a magic pill.  ~Nyki

I have been a drinker for 25 years.  It’s been like a demon inside me. An unstoppable urge.  I have tried everything—heavy counseling, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, and prescription drugs.  You name it,  I’ve tried it to control my alcohol.  I did four sessions with Scott on the Compulsion Inquiry.  I have not drank since.  There is no struggle, no fight.  It’s just gone.  It’s been plucked right out from the root.  I am free.  ~Darren from Australia

Scott’s work has pierced through my drinking problem.  Fear and shame has lifted.  There is a lot of freedom and relief now. ~Sarah Brown

This works!  It is not a struggle.  It is not willpower.  ~Dr. H. Yvonne Cheek

I had one session with Scott on my addiction to dark chocolate.  While that may seem like a relatively innocent addiction, I had a compulsive need to have it every day, and during exceptionally hormonal times, my body was screaming for it.  Amazingly, after only one inquiry, my cravings for it were gone.   ~Julianne Eanniello

 I really want to thank you for bringing this work to the world. For me it was a breakthrough for the first time. I tried a lot of things but this cuts through on its own.~Jeannette Koelewijn

 Scott taught me the chief practice that helped me release the only real addiction I ever had—the craving for a separate self.  Once the truth is seen, ineffective behaviors drop away of their own accord.  ~Fred Davis, author of Beyond Recovery

Scott’s clear and compassionate insights on “natural rest” have changed my life, which is now infused with a sense of well-being and peace instead of alcohol and anxiety. After stopping the alcohol, I began using Scott’s work on other things.  Now I have stopped craving ice-cream and sweets; I am no longer a shopaholic, and I no longer compulsively play computer games. I can still enjoy any of these activities but without the compulsion and excess, no longer chasing insatiable desires and distractions.Addicted or not, this book offers a paradigm shift we can all benefit from.  ~Linda Stevenson

What grace to work with Scott on my addiction to porn. Just to be received with so much kindness and generosity provided a lot of support. The addiction no longer feels solid and powerful. Now I no longer have to fight or give into it.  This approach clears the mist! ~Paul

My main compulsive drive had been my spiritual seeking.  As I went through the process, I found the drive wasn’t anywhere.  It dropped away.  All there is now is a silent sweet space. Thank you for this inspired gift!  I am just so incredibly grateful! This release of the compulsive drives is a very sweet, easy, and gentle process. Wow.  ~Donna McGuigan