Rest. Inquire. Enjoy Life.

This phrase, “rest, inquire, enjoy life” sums up Scott’s attitude towards recovering from addiction and leading a healthy, happy and peaceful life.

“Rest” includes taking brief moments of resting in presence throughout the day, letting all words, pictures and bodily energy be as they are.  This relaxing, simple instruction goes a long way in releasing the tendency to seek something outside ourselves or in the future.  It surrenders and grounds us where life really is, the present moment, so that we feel more and more free of addiction, anxiety and mental stories that are self-limiting.

“Inquire” refers to Scott’s Living Inquiries which, when taken deeply, help us see through the core stories of deficiency and anything other beliefs that keep us enslaved in addiction.  Inquiry includes not only seeing  through the thought-based stories we carry around, but also releasing  body contractions that fuel addiction.

“Enjoy Life” is self-explanatory.  What normally keeps us from enjoying life naturally are the addictions, anxiety, depression and deficiency stories that we carry with us.  Freeing ourselves from these chains, we begin to live naturally from the present moment, able to enjoy the pleasures and welcome the pain fully and equally.  We find that are relationships are harmonized, which makes them naturally more compassionate and loving.  We come to realize and express our true passion and creativity in life as we live within and from the present moment.

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