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Scott Kiloby: Love Gone Practical

Grace Bubeck interviews Scott Kiloby in "Love Gone Practical." Scott explains his move from being a spiritual teacher to working on more practical issues that people face such as addiction, anxiety and depression. Scott also explains the heart of the Natural Rest way, meeting everything as it is.

Let’s Look for the Problem: The Unfindable Inquiry.

  In this video Scott takes a basic assumption that many of us carry around each day, the notion that... Read More

Let’s Broaden the Discussion of Addiction

  What is addiction? Is it just about the usuals – drugs, alcohol, food or does it encompass something much... Read More


Follow Scott in a simple investigation that easily reveals the natural rest of presence, where the need to seek anything... Read More

The Unfindable Inquiry

Scott guides a client, Elizabeth, through the Unfindable Inquiry, looking for the deficiency story that she calls "the invisible self."

Come out of the Deficiency Closet

In this video, Scott explains how the Unfindable Inquiry brings to light that most humans carry around a story of deficiency. This is an invitation for everyone to come out of the closet about this and begin the discussion about how to love yourself fully.

Living Inquiries Facilitator Introduction: Carin

Senior Facilitator Carin Channing introduces and explains the value and simplicity of the Living Inquiries.

Compulsion Inquiry

Scott explains how the Compulsion Inquiry is helping many people put to rest long-standing addictions. This video is not a demonstration and is not meant to teach you how to do the inquiry. Scott is merely introducing it to those who are new to this inquiry

Unfindable Inquiry

In this video, Scott explains the basics of the Unfindable Inquiry as it applies to the deficiency story, "I'm not good enough."

Looking for the one who is lonely (self-facilitating the UI)

Senior Facilitator Fiona Robertson demonstrates how to inquire on your own using the Unfindable Inquiry.  Here, she is looking for... Read More