Why Our Program Is Different


We have found that all suffering arises through what we call the Velcro Effect, which is the experience of thoughts being stuck together with emotions and sensations.  The Living Inquiries undo the Velcro Effect on every level of experience.  In addition to the Living Inquiries, our program offers simple, doable instructions on experiencing restful presence and allowing all emotions and sensations to be as they are.  We also combine other techniques that enhance Scott’s work including iAwake Technologies, NeuroOptimal Neurofeedback, meditation and yoga.  This potent combination of tools often results in a radical shift in perspective for clients that eliminates or greatly reduces addiction.

We have a firm conviction that all treatment programs should work together in a way that is mutually supportive, so that those suffering from addiction get the help they need.  However, we do want to be clear to distinguish our approach from other recovery programs so that you know exactly what to expect if you join us.  Our approach centers on directly and immediately releasing the thoughts, emotions and sensations responsible for addiction and the underlying trauma that fuels addiction.  We are the only program that employs Scott’s work as its primary curriculum.  This is what makes us unique.   While our tools work effectively on their own, they can easily be adapted to someone working in a 12 Step or other program.

Our approach is not limited to addiction.  We work with anyone suffering from anxiety, phobias, stress, depression, deficiency stories and other self-limiting beliefs, painful thoughts and emotions, compulsive behaviors, relationship issues, anxiety around health conditions and chronic pain and a host of other human crises, conditions and situations.  Spouses, partners, family members and friends coping with loved ones suffering from addiction or other conditions are also welcome in our program.  Our inquiries are flexible enough to meet the needs of those struggling in co-dependent relationships.  If you are curious as to whether the center can help you with a particular issue, our staff is available to answer those questions.

If you cannot participate with us, please consider donating to the Center to help us continue providing care and support to those in need, especially those who cannot afford services on their own.