Flexibility of Our Approach

stock-photo-9855316-attractve-young-woman-FADEWe find that some clients won’t need a lengthy participation in our program.  Our approach works quickly for many people.  Others may need to stay in the program for an extended period of time.  The length of participation depends on the degree and frequency of addiction and anxiety, the client’s need for ongoing support or facilitation with Scott’s work, and the client’s openness to look at the deficiency and other mental stories that fuel destructive behaviors.  One unique benefit of this program is that we teach clients to use the inquiries on their own once they return to their normal lives.

We are not a residential program.  We are also not a traditional outpatient program.  We find these terminologies are too restrictive to explain the unique, flexible approach we offer.

We meet each client where he or she is and develop a plan that fits just right with a client’s individual needs.  For those who are looking for a residential program, but aren’t comfortable with a lockdown atmosphere, we have designed a way to mirror the intensive nature of a residential program without having clients sleep on site.  Clients looking for this kind of residential-like approach participate with us at the center from morning until night, seven days a week with fully-engaged support and care by our staff.  Clients are then responsible for their own food and lodging in nearby hotels.  Our staff is available to help set up clients’ lodging needs.

For clients who are not looking for morning-to-night, seven-days-a-week support, there are a multitude of other options available at the center.  Clients may participate in group and/or private work with facilitators from one to as many as seven days a week, for any number of hours a day.

We are not a health care facility.  We do not provide medical detox.  We may require you to go through detox before entering our program.  We contract with local doctors for any health care needs you may have while you are participating in our program.

We do not manage and control clients’ lives.  We provide support, care and effective tools for releasing addiction, anxiety, and deficiency stories.  Our only requirement is that clients be open and ready to look into their experience in a new way and be 100% honest with themselves and facilitators about the level of care and support needed.  Our staff is there to help make these decisions with you and/or whatever health care provider, employer, family members, or legal professionals are involved in your situation.

We are also available as an aftercare program for those who have already completed a residential or outpatient program and are now looking for a new way to deal with the constant barrage of cravings and/or anxiety they experience in everyday life after leaving such program.

If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction or other mental and emotional suffering, give us a call today.  We can answer any of your questions.

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