It’s Not Either Or




By Greg Ascue


In doing the inquiries it is useful to examine all beliefs and stories, things we find false and wrong, and things that we find to be beautiful, liberating, or true. I often find it is very useful to inquire about seeming opposites (for example effort vs. acceptance/grace/surrender), to inquire about both sides of a given question. All things are unfindable. All opposites are unfindable.

One result in doing this type of inquiry (on opposites), is being able to hold them all lightly. To experience them spaciously. Seeming opposites can equally be accessed as is appropriate without being stuck in an extreme. You don’t have to be stuck in “either or”.

The example I gave earlier about effort and acceptance/grace/surrender is an important one (for many – certainly in non-dual circles). Some people feel that what they need will occur through some form of acceptance/grace/surrender, some people express that any form of effort is going in the wrong direction, and some feel it is only through sincere and dedicated effort that one will achieve what they need.

But why not access and use both acceptance/grace/surrender and effort? After all, both concepts have the same nature (they are unfindable) and happen for the same unfindable person.

An example of how this can come into play is in doing the inquiries. You do have to make an effort to have a session with a facilitator and to sincerely look. I often tell people that for self-facilitation to work you have to do it. But equally the inquiries entail acceptance. We often tell people (in various wordings) to accept the energies, words, and pictures as they are; without rejecting or getting caught up in them.

The winds of grace are always blowing, but it is you that must raise your sails. –Rabindranath Tagore

In the end, it’s not “either/or” it’s “and”.



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