Continuous Body Tapping – A New Development at the Kiloby Center for Recovery


Continuous body tapping (CBT) is a new development at the Kiloby Center.  CBT has been in the process of development for the last year by Scott Kiloby and Senior Facilitator Wayne Hayden-Moreland. CBT (not to be confused with cognitive behavioral therapy) is a process by which a person uses either fingers, hands or a tapping device to tap on various parts of the body for continuous periods of time for purposes of activating and then dissolving unconscious sensations, repressed emotions and body contractions.  Body contractions in the chakra areas are dense, persistent sensations that lie at the core of all kinds of emotional triggers and addictive behaviors. CBT can be done as a stand alone practice or can be combined with other practices, such as the Center’s Living Inquiries, Natural Rest and Aperioga (which is another new body-centered practice developed by the Center in the last year).

CBT has helped to substantially reduce the relapse rate among those at the Center who are or have been treated for addiction, anxiety and depression. Those who have engaged in CBT and the other body practices at the Center have also reported being more present in the moment and less hung up on emotional triggers found in thoughts of past and future.


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