Rest. Inquire. Enjoy life .





Natural Rest for Addiction is a way of recovery developed by Scott Kiloby. Scott’s work employs the simple invitation to rest in the present moment throughout the day, letting all words, mental pictures and bodily energies be as they are.  Addiction is all about trying to change how we feel and think. The simple instruction to rest and let everything be as it is naturally reduces our tendency to try and change our experience. Instead, we begin to allow thoughts (i.e., words and pictures), emotions and sensations to come to rest more easily into a gentle, quiet peace.

Scott and his team of facilitators have developed cutting edge tools called the “Living Inquiries” which target and release addiction, compulsion, anxiety and the deficiency stories that cause human suffering. These inquiries have helped many free themselves from the struggle of addiction.

Through the Natural Rest way of recovery, we come to discover a peace and freedom previously unknown to our experience. We find a natural capacity to live and enjoy life without being identified with thoughts, emotions and sensations.  In that experiential recognition, we free ourselves from enslavement to addictive substances and activities.

To find out more about Scott’s way of recovery, read his book, “Natural Rest for Addiction” and explore this site, which contains writings, videos, audios, a chat room, live and online event information and access to facilitators of Scott’s work located in the U.S. and overseas.