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Two-Week Trauma Retreat at the Kiloby Center for Recovery


September 19th to October 1st


~ Deep experiential healing for childhood and other earlier life traumas

~ Dissolve body contractions and energy blockages associated with trauma and repressed emotions

~ Learn and incorporate the unique experiential tools that have made the Kiloby Center a top trauma center in the U.S.

~ Learn the insights about trauma and its relationship to spiritual seeking, addiction, anxiety, depression and PTSD

~ Private and Group Sessions


For the past three years, the Kiloby Center for Recovery has been developing a unique and effective approach to healing childhood and other traumas, using Scott Kiloby’s Living Inquiries, somatic mindfulness/Aperioga, TRE (Trauma Release Exercises), hands-on body work and a host of other body-centered tools.

The Center’s approach focuses on nondual awareness as the safe foundation in which to skillfully and gently untangle the thoughts, feelings and sensations associated with unresolved trauma.  Unresolved trauma is rampant in the spiritual seeking community, is often bypassed, and is a major contributing factor to ongoing addictions and PTSD.

The Center is about to launch itself nationwide as a trauma-focused Center.  To kick off this new focus, the Center is offering to the public this two-week Trauma Retreat.  Anyone can come! You do not need to be an addiction or other patient of the Center.

The Retreat will consist of six days each week, with Sundays off for rest and integration.  Each week, the retreat will include three trauma-focused private sessions for each participant.  The remainder of the retreat will consist of group educational and experiential work.


Schedule Each Week:

Monday – 9am to 4pm

Tuesday – 9am to 4pm

Wednesday – 9am to 5pm

Thursday – 9am to 4pm

Friday – 9am to 4pm

Saturday – 9am to 4pm


Although no particular outcome is guaranteed, the Center’s approach is highly effective at releasing childhood or other previous trauma around sexual abuse, death of loved ones, divorce, abandonment, difficult relationships and a host of other traumas.  The Center has been tracking and measuring great success rates in healing trauma for its addiction patients.

The Center will provide you skills training and then provide self-support time so that deepening continues to occur for you long after you leave the retreat.  Scott Kiloby will be leading the retreat for one day each week of the retreat, while his trained staff provides group and private sessions and helps you incorporate the skills for the remaining days.  Scott will download you with all the insight he has learned over the years while developing the Center’s unique trauma approach.

The Center defines trauma very broadly as any pivotal event(s) previously experienced in life that was too overwhelming to process emotionally, creating negative effects including current PTSD, emotional repression, energy blockages and body contractions, feelings of unsafety and self-judgment, anger, addiction, depression and fear and anxiety later in life.

The cost for the retreat is $3,000.  There’s an additional cost of $500 if you wish to stay at the Kiloby Center’s house at night.  The Kiloby Center’s house has very limited beds available.  All rooms are shared.  The Center can recommend other housing if the Center’s house becomes full or you wish to stay off campus.  The Retreat itself also has limited spots so sign up now if you are interested.  You are responsible for costs of food and travel.


For more information or to sign up, contact Paul Clowers (Outreach Director) at 866-545-6295 ext 1 or Paul can assist with housing and other travel questions.  If you are suffering from active addiction to drugs and alcohol, you may not be eligible for the retreat.  Please contact us anyway so that we can assess your needs.

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