Senior Facilitators and Trainers

The facilitators listed below have been formally trained by Scott Kiloby and continue to work closely with him, refining and clarifying the inquiry process. These facilitators are available to work with you one-on-one by appointment. They assist in the training of new facilitators as well. Scott and all the facilitators use basic language in private sessions to point you to the always, already-here, peaceful clarity of being in the present moment without identifying with the various temporary words, pictures, emotions and sensations that arise and fall.  Each facilitator is trained to take you through the Living Inquiries (Unfindable, Boomerang and Panorama) as discussed in the Living Relationship book, the Compulsion Inquiry developed by Scott and Facilitator Colette Kelso (from Scott’s Book, “Natural Rest for Addiction,” and the Anxiety Inquiry developed by Senior Facilitator Fiona Roberton and Facilitator Colette Kelso. Please review the list of facilitators below. You can also visit their websites and blogs to get a sense of each one. If you are interested in setting up a session, contact that facilitator via email or phone to arrange an appointment. Sessions are held by Skype, phone or in person, depending on location. You are welcome to work with as many facilitators as you like. *Note time zones when making your appointments.




Nikki Freeburn

Time zone: EST Southern Hemisphere [Australia] 15 hrs ahead of CST.

Preferred method of

Hours of availability: Flexible



Fiona Robertson

Time zone: GMT [London]

Preferred method of contact: PM or email:

Hours of availability: Most days/times



Greg Ascuegreg

Time zone: PST [Sunnyvale, CA]

Preferred method of contact: / Phone: 408-548-7157

Hours of availability: Totally Flexible




Lisa Meuser 

Time zone/Location: EST [Bloomington, IN]

Preferred method of contact:

Phone: 812-327-3642



lynee newLynn Fraser

Time zone/Location: Halifax/Dartmouth [Nova Scotia, Canada]

Preferred method of contact: nondualinquiry @

Phone: 902-817-3257



Julianne Eanniello

Assistant Director of the Kiloby Center for Recovery, Lead facilitator 

Time zone: Pacific Time Zone (CA)

Preferred method of contact: 860-463-5576

Hours of availability: Not taking clients at this time




Paul Galewitz

Addiction Specialist (Int.)

Time Zone: Oregon, Pacific Time

Contact: or 808-634-5726


Languages: English