Below is a listing of Certified Facilitators of the Living Inquiries. They are highly qualified, having completed an intensive training course. You are in good hands with any of them. Find one in your area if you wish to meet in person. Each of them is also available for sessions through Skype or phone.





Marina Bajszár (Former Lead Facilitator at the Kiloby Center)

Denver, CO

Preferred method of contact: marina.bajszar@gmail.com

Phone: 720-544-1550

Website: www.marinabajszar.com

Hours of Availability: Flexible


Nidhi Contessa

Time zone/ location:   MST ( Boulder, CO.)

Preferred method of contact:   heeheenothing@hotmail.com

Availability:   Flexible and changing schedule


Deena Wade

Time zone: EST [Stone Ridge, NY]

Preferred method of contact: deenakw@gmail.com

Hours of availability: Flexible; weekdays/occasional weekends

Website: www.theradicalinvestigation.org


Elizabeth Lavine

Time zone: CST [Minnesota]

Preferred method of contact: ejlavine@gmail.com

Hours of availability: Flexible

Website: www.ejlavine.com


Samantha Vickery

Time zone: Pacific [Portland, Oregon]

Preferred method of contact: samanthav57@yahoo.com

Hours of availability: Flexible


Andrea Bayer

Time zone/Location: EST [Hinesburg, Vermont]

Preferred method of contact: abayer20@gmail.com

Phone: 802-238-4176

Website: N/A


Judith Sumitra Burton 

Location: Eugene, Oregon.

Preferred method of contact: judith.sumitra@gmail.com

Phone: 541.514.5134.

Website: www.awakeningfreedom.org


Marcia M. Martin

TIME ZONE Eastern, Miami FL 33175,

Email marciamcmmartin@gmail.com

Skype name marciapeace

Phone: 305 498-6924


John Toomey

Time Zone:  PST  (Los Angeles, Seattle)

Preferred method of contact:


Hours:  Flexible

Website:  inquirewithjohn.net


Sabin Epstein

Time zone/Location: Mountain Time [Denver, CO]

Preferred method of contact: sabinreese@hotmail.com

Phone: 323-980-6301

Website: N/A


Meredith Markow  

Time zone/Location: EST [Shelburne/Burlington, VT]

Preferred method of contact: mpmarkow@gmail.com  

Phone: 802-318-7591

Website: www.ennquiry.com


Alice Morris 

Time Zone/Location: CST [Mandan, North Dakota]

Preferred method of contact: alimorr@bis.midco.net 

Phone: 701-390-2864

Website: www.inquirieswithalice.com


Dani Omri

Time Zone/Location: Israel  [10h ahead of PDT, 8h ahead of EDT]

Preferred method of contact: daniomri@gmail.com

Skype: daniomri

Phone: 972.544.384485

Website: www.inquirewithdaniomri.com

*Languages:  English, Hebrew


Hattie Pembrook

Time Zone/Location: EST [Detroit, Michigan]

Preferred method of contact: HattiePembrook@gmail.com

Phone: 616.427.6317

Website: http://www.unfindableone.com/


Linda Stevenson

Time Zone/Location: CST [Minneapolis, Minnesota]

Preferred method of contact: linda@awakeninginquiry.com

Phone: 612-922-9924

Website: www.awakeninginquiry.com


Hanneke Geraeds-de Vries

Time Zone/Location: Central European (Summer) Time/CE(S)T [Belfeld, The Netherlands, Europe]


Phone: 0031 77 4000514 / 0031 6 42170150 (HP)

Website: www.Stress2Balance.nl

*Languages:  English, Dutch


Luc Richard

Time Zone/Location: Amston CT 06231 EDT time zone.

Preferred method of contact: inquirewithluc@gmail.com

Phone: 860-573-8760


Kzee – Karen-Zanda Herz

Timezone : GMT (London)

Preferred method of contact : kzeeh@rocketmail.com Skype : Karen.herz2

Hours available : Week days/times : Some evenings/weekends

Phone: +44 01244 94 0767

Website www.nakedpeace.org

Grant Tyler

Time Zone / Location: EST (EDT) (Ashford, Connecticut)

Preferred Method of Contact: ghtyler1@gmail.com

Phone: 860-367-6415

Website: N/A


Helen Luce

Time Zone: Pacific

Email: helenmaryluce@gmail.com

Skype: helen.luce1

Phone: 206-567-0556

Website: www.inquirywithhelen.com


Lava Mechthild Ewersmeyer

Time zone/Location:  MST (Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA) and CET (Berlin, Germany)

Preferred method of contact: info@inquirywithlava.com

Phone: 505-820-0914 (USA) and 02921-3549319 (Germany)

Website: www.inquirywithlava.com

*Languages:  English, German

Helena Weaver

Time zone: GMT (London)

Preferred method of contact:  helenajlweaver@gmail.com

Hours of availability: Weekdays, some evenings


Julie Kloop

Time zone: EST (Washington DC)

Preferred method of contact: julieklopp001@yahoo.com