NR Groups

Mondays 4:30PM Pacific. English speaking. Ann S at
In-person: California Laguna Niguel.
Women-only group Mondays at 7:30PM Eastern. For link, info or to discuss contact Lynn at or join our Facebook group Natural Rest for Addiction

Wednesdays: at 8pm east time. The ‘Over the Hump Group’. You can join by Robert Butler’s Facebook page or,  we can include you in the group email , where the link will be sent out every Wednesday. The video provider is Zoom

The meeting is based on Scott’s book Natural Rest for addiction.

Starting January 4th Wednesdays at 2pm EST:  

Group name: ‘Check In’. The video provider is Zoom. To join send Rob your email and he will add you to the group:

Thursday: Natural Rest group for Sexual Addictions and Compulsions. 5:30 PM Are sexual compulsions/addictions or pornography diminishing your quality of life?  In this group, through the use of the Living Inquiries, we help support the turning and facing of the stories and conditioning that drive compulsive and addictive behaviors around sex or pornography. With your willingness to learn and use the practices practiced here, you may find you have the means to break free.